A teenager loved a girl

A teenager loved a girl

One of the most beautiful periods of a person’s life throughout his life is adolescence, despite all its fluctuations.

The teenager is always moody, and always makes mistakes, so all parents should follow their young until they reach the safety stage, and give them advice through recounting Real stories that contain lessons and preaching in their meanings so that children benefit from the experiences and experiences of others, and that they do not feel the domination of their parents and give them orders in the hope of their approach to the proper path; It is very necessary to give the teenager a measure of self-confidence and that he is responsible in order for him to feel the responsibility of him so that he will behave well and be in control of himself before others.

A teenager loved a girl that led him to do evil. There was a young man, who was sentenced by his harsh conditions accompanied by bad friends, who drifted with them in the stream of pursuing desires and pleasures, among them was a beautiful girl, but she did not know anything about chastity, and the young man fell in love with her, what a pity ?! As his heart beats for the first time, and he is fine with a girl, but she is not worthy of his love, he loved her so much, and he wanted to share her for the rest of his life, and he initiated his frankness towards him, but unfortunately, she has a personality other than his pure, pure personality, as she asked him to meet her in a remote place out of sight to prove to her The extent of his love and sincerity of his feelings towards her; So the young man went, and when he arrived at it, I entered it and closed the doors and invited him to do what God had forbidden.

It was a severe shock for him, as the girl who loved him with all his heart and determination to marry her despite his young age, reveals the truth about her matter, but the boy still has faith in him, as God remembers and mentions his painful punishment for those who violate one of his orders and that she is a major sinner, but How to rid himself of that girl who does not fear God and speak out against his disobedience, and she is determined to do it and never compromises, think of a cunning trick to get out of his predicament fear of God. He claimed that he suffers from a serious disease, “AIDS,” and that he fears for her to transmit the infection, so he panicked when I told him that he had no need to worry because she had been afflicted with him for three years, in the beaut.

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